School Policies

You will find links to School Policies and other information here.

A list of all of our policies can be downloaded below while printed copies of these documents are available from the School office on request.


COVID-19 school closure arrangements for safeguarding (updated 11/1/21)

Accessibility Plan 

Accessibility Objectives

Admissions Policy

Anti Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy (under review)

Attendance flowchart

Behaviour Management Policy

British Values Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy (under review)

CCTV Policy (under review)

Continuing Professional Development Policy

Complaints Procedure 

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Policy

Data Protection Policy

Early Years Foundation Policy (under review)

Equalities Policy and objectives

Equipment Safety Policy

Exclusion Policy

Fire Safety Policy

First Aid Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Missing Child Policy

Mission, Vision, Values and Strategic Priorities

Online Safety Policy (under review)

Parent Handbook 

Provision Overview (under review)

Quality of Education Policy

Relationships and Sex Education Policy 

Risk Assessment Policy

Safe Transportation Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy

Stress Management (under review)

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs

Therapy Policy

Whistle Blowing Policy