The school is currently open 5 days a week to provide educational support for all our pupils who need to attend.  We are spreading the pupils across the week and the classes so we are able to socially distance as much as we can.  Due to the nature of our school and the work we do with our pupils, it is neither realistic nor possible for us to maintain a 2m distance.

In line with Government guidance, in addition to completing a daily register of pupil attendance, we are also submitting data to the Department for Education. This includes overall numbers of pupils and staff attending school each day, the number of pupils whose parents are “key workers”, and the number of pupils who have a social worker. Data submitted by schools helps the Government maintain a national picture of educational provision, so that they can focus support more effectively, monitor the impact of the virus, and ensure children are safe. We will revert to our normal attendance procedures when advised to do so by the Department for Education.

Useful information

The following links contain useful information and guidance:

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