Step by Step Board of Governors

Governor documents and policies

Governor Job Description
The role of a school Governor at Step by Step School

Governors’ Code of Conduct
This is Step by Step’s Code of Conduct for the School’s Governing Body

Governors’ Allowances & Expenses Policy
This is Step by Step’s Policy on Governors’ Allowances and Expenses

Step by Step Governor Visits Policy
This is Step by Step’s Policy on Governor Visits

Step by Step’s Governing Body currently has vacancies for two independent Governors and a Clerk.

Please contact Sam Mathews (School Admin Manager) for more information.

Stuart King – Chair

I have been a Parent Governor at Step by Step since 2009, and was SKdelighted to be elected as Chair of Governors towards the end of 2014. My son has been at Step by Step since 2008, and I have been fortunate to see the impact of the school’s individualised teaching approach first-hand. My professional career is in strategy consulting within the healthcare sector, including roles as a Partner at The Boston Consulting Group and Director at Novartis UK. I have an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Contact: Stuart King

Athene Burdge – Parent Governor

Both my son and daughter attended Step by Step from 2007-2010, and my son
returned in September 2017. Having personal ABexperience with two children with autism, I am an advocate for the use of ABA, believing in its efficacy and being passionate about its wider dissemination. I believe it is important that parents partner closely with staff and governors to make Step by Step the best it can possibly be at meeting the needs of pupils and their families. I am a qualified teacher, a parent trainer and a professional in the field of ABA. My experience as both a parent and a professional will enable me to make a positive and substantial contribution to the Board of Governors.

Daniel Horan – Independent Governor

I was both humbled and excited to be invited to join the governing dh body of Step by Step in December 2015. My own career has been entirely focused in special education, primarily using ABA in autism. This has included teaching and learning with children, young people and adults in the application of evidence-based practices in home, school, community and clinic settings across the world. The achievement, empowerment and engagement of students and their families has been a continual source of reinforcement. Collaborating with my fellow governors and the school staff I hope to make lasting positive contributions to the school’s continued success and inspiring evolution.

Dr Catherine James – Independent Governor

I am delighted to have been invited onto the Board of Governors at Step by Step,
having been a founding member of the school. cjMy son attended the school when it first opened and was able to benefit from the individualised and intensive approach to teaching and learning. As a qualified teacher, I have worked in a wide variety of settings, including schools, colleges and universities. My current role as Lecturer in Academic Support at University of the Arts, London involves working with all students, including those with additional or special educational needs. I look forward to collaborating with staff and fellow governors to ensure the school continues its outstanding work.

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